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Book and Headphones


Amy Hall is a California-based voiceover actor with twenty years of acting experience. As a Shakespearean-trained actor, she’s developed a passion for long-form storytelling and interpreting written language through performance and inflection. She brings the endurance of a stage actor and ability to adapt to a variety of roles to her audiobook narrations. She can fully inhabit characters of all genders and thrives in genres like thrillers, rom coms, and YA fantasies, which depend on her to embody heightened emotions. Fun and flirty or dark and twisted, her vocal range spans a spectrum of tones and styles. Consider her for books that require a polished Russian or British accent. She studied accents under a PhD in Linguistics and is always eager to learn new dialects. She thrives on bringing her life experiences to the characters she voices, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds who mirror her life experiences.

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