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The Bone Witch


The Shadow Order


Hearts Are Like Balloons



I absolutely LOVED the audiobook. The narrator, Amy Hall did a phenomenal job narrating. I felt like she brought the story alive and it felt like I was almost watching a movie. I could easily envision the emotions of the characters and see the scenes. She had the perfect voice for Lennox.

And for the fabulous narration, Amy Hall is a talented narrator and a versatile voice actor. She does a great job bringing these characters to life, giving each their own distinct voice and personality, making it easy to follow along and tell who is who. She has a complete understanding of the characters she portrayed, sounding believable in every role she played and just as I pictures the characters to sound. She set the perfect tone for the story, captured all the characters' emotions and projected them into her performance. Amy Hall is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. 

Amy's narration made this story even better! Each character has their own voice and the attitude to match. The tempo is perfect, exactly as I would speak in conversation. Her voice is pleasant to listen to and exciting at the same time. Absolutely love the narration.

Audible Review of 
The Bone Witch

Audible review of 
His Pawn

Audible Review of The Shadow Order




Amy Hall has over 20 years of acting experience in the theatre. As a long time lover of story telling she has also had 10 years of role playing experience. These skills have helped her develop deeper characterization and new fresh voices. 

With her in-home recording studio, Amy is able to produce professional audiobooks to fit your scheduling needs.  

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